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sound mixer cart

The basic cart is ready to be configured in different ways: you can integrate the bottom part with rack equipment or standard rack drawers and shelves or with our aluminium accessories (drawers, shelves, sliding shelves).

Over the top shelf you can put a regular rack case or our essential rack box with an easy and safe lock system.

The main profiles can be configured with boom holders, antenna holder, additional cable hooks and everything you need to work at the best.


  • H 110 cm / W 48,5 cm / L 60 cm


  • 8 Rack Unit space from the bottom to the shelf (customizable on request)



900 € (Duties + Taxes assessed upon delivery)

It comes with:

  • Pneumatic 12” rear wheels

  • Hard caster front wheels with brake

  • Handles (2x)

  • Cable hooks (2x)

  • Umbrella holder


  • Aluminium

  • Steel and stainless steel (wheel forks, axle and joints)

You can easly add our rack box or our accessories. Take a look:


rack box


  • H 535 cm / W 48,5 cm / L 40 cm

This is a light and smart solution for the head of your cart with a fast and safe locking system that allows you to remove it from the cart in a few seconds.

It offers 10 rack units in the front and 6 rack units in the middle (customizable on request) for the equipment you want to keep safer.

The depth of 40 cm allows you to accomodate almost all the common rack equipment in the market, from the rack sliding shelves to the bigger power distributor as the Remote Audio Meon Life or  Power Max and Power Ultra by PSC.

You can accessorize it with all our aluminium shelves and sliding shelves, headphone holder, front handles, side covers or the front cover to keep your equipment always safe.


200 €

rack box

take a look at our accessories' gallery & other customized

nice things 

We proudly suggest you our standard carts with our standard accessories but we also understand that everyone has his own necessities.


If you are not satisfied with our standard offer, tell us your needs and we’ll be happy to customize the cart to fits you the best!


drawer 10

Aluminium drawer with handle and locking system, black painted,

lined with felt inside on request.

Depth 40 cm / Height 10 cm.


€ 80,00

bigger rear wheels?

We have the 16" pneumatic ones!

larger rear wheels?

We have the 85 mm x 10” or the 100 mm x 12”

pneumatic front wheels?

We’ve the 8” pneumatic with brake,  your cart we'll be bigger but ready for any terrain!

different cart dimensions?

This is the easiest thing that you can ask us!

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